We want to warn and protect you. You can become a victim of fraud. The consequence is that sooner or later there will be interest and questions to you from the legislative bodies!

In the world of selling expensive exotic animals, there are basically two types of fraud: The first type. You make an advance payment and a person – “seller” – disappears. As the result, you receive neither animal nor money invested beforehand. The second type. You have decided to legally buy a serval, savannah an ocelot kitten or a hybrid kitten up to 5th generation (a cross-breed of savannah or serval with a common cat) and you have been promised a pet with all the necessary documents. In the end, the official documents can be either fake or not those required by the law of the country, which signed CITES.

The list of CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) member countries:  For the safety of buyers who think on where to buy a kitten and those who already bought it, we sent the appropriate request to the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources. It’s the organisation that issues the document (CITES Certificate/Origin), which indicates the origin of the animal. Without such a document/origin, the animals are considered illegal and subject to confiscation. To our surprise, there are no officially registered animals except for our pets.

This information does not apply to zoos, as zoos do not have the right to sell the animals. In the same way, for that period no CITES export documents for these species were granted, except for our animals. This means that all kittens of these species sold for the export are illegal! These cats are not from our cutekittens4homes.com ! If you bought a kitten with “documents” (according to the seller), know that you have an illegal pet. Not only that, you can check it yourself by sending copies of your documents to the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources.

The situation gets more dangerous, if you bought a kitten with alleged documents for breeding. Now your kittens born from such illegal animals are just as illegal as their parents are. We know many buyers of illegal kittens (not from our nursery!) and many of them live in Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkey. There are many distributors of illegal servals  who sell them without advertising themselves. Also, there are nurseries that have websites and claim that they sell legal kittens. If you bought a kitten in one of them, you should know that it’s illegal! If you allegedly bought it with documents, you can check their authenticity by submitting a request to the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources with copies of your documents.

When buying a kitten, you can immediately inform the seller that you want to verify the authenticity of documents before taking the kitten and send copies for verification to the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of your country or the exporting country. Take the time to protect yourself from fraud!

If you want to save money and buy a kitten illegally, you should know that although such kittens are cheap, you get a “pig in a poke” of unknown origin and training and possibly with diseases. And most importantly, it may be confiscated at any time as a pet of first and second Category of CITES provisions acquired in violation of the law on the sale of these animals. In such a case, you will be questioned by the federal authorities just as the seller who illegally sold you the “smuggled” animal.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse!

Purchase a kitten legally and take time to check documents will be a right thing to do for everyone! If you need assistance or have any questions regarding the verification of documents for a kitten that you have already bought or questions regarding the execution of documents before purchasing, you can contact us and we will gladly advise you on that matter. You should know that these are the animals of first and second Category of CITES protected by the CITES Member States.

Remember, the illegal sale and purchase of such animals is punishable by law!

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